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Kommende Twilight bøger

7. Apr 2012 15:23, lordsasa

Nu er der ikke så lang tid igen til at Breaking Dawn Part 2 traileren kommer. Se her --->

But when Edward started thinking back over his life, there were things about his father that he didn't like. Edward didn't like cheating people. He preferred to scare them. That usually got the message across even better. And when Edward was a teen going into his twenties, instead of turning the blind eye like his father did...he started dealing with the weapons runners, to gain more money. He didn't approve of drugs, so they could still use his restaurants, but he was not a part of their deals and made sure they all knew it.

In the ten years since he had taken over his father's business, Edward had started another restaurant and opened a club uptown. All three investments were flourishing and he was in business with three foreign companies which he worked with to supply weapons. He had more than quadrupled the income his father had been bringing in. In their city, you knew to do any 'business' you had to go through Edward Masen IV.

Edward was never an overly flashy guy, but he did dress in the nicest Armani suits and had a hot new thing on his arm every other night. That's actually how he met his wife, Tanya. She had been one of the regulars at his club, and eventually she flirted her way into his bed and then into a marriage. He still didn't know how that had happened. Maybe he had a weakness for tall, mean blonds, because that's exactly what Tanya was. And part of him was turned on because of this mean streak she seemed to possess. He found it amusing when she would launch into someone and cut them down before they even had a chance to speak. Of course, when she turned that foul mouth on him...he knew what to do to put it to good use. She might have been the Alpha bitch, but in his domain, he was king, and no one would disrespect him. Not even his wife.

But at the moment, they were separated and had been for six months. Frankly, he couldn't stand her. He never loved her, and still couldn't figure out why he agreed to marry her three years ago. Something in him did want to share all of his success with someone. A companion, but Tanya only wanted the money. And the sex. Originally, he knew that this leggy blond was only flirting with him because of his status. Although, he knew to women his looks were a bonus. His strong jawline, straight nose, full lips and messy bronze hair had women falling all over him. As a result of their separation, he had gone back to playing the field a bit...not that he had ever really stopped. He never had to chase women. They were always there...and always willing. But without Tanya at home cursing people out left and right, he was becoming bored. He couldn't stand talking to her, but yet she was amusing. In all honesty he was bored of it all. He needed a new challenge.

Jasper shot at the striped ball and missed. "Shit."

Edward took the next three shots to clear the table of all of his solid balls, along with the eight ball. He looked over his handiwork and tossed his cue stick to Emmett, his accountant.

"Fuck, one more Masen. Let me try to redeem myself," Jasper said.

Edward sighed and grabbed the cue stick back. "You're a glutton for punishment, Jazz," he said, shaking his head at his friend.

Jasper smiled and racked the balls back up. Edward rolled his eyes and turned toward the back door, where Newton, his head of security was entering.

"Sir, there's a young lady here to see you," Newton said.

"Lucky bastard," Jasper muttered, as he shot first, and the balls went scattering everywhere.

"What does she want?" Edward asked, surveying the table.

"She said it's a personal matter, sir."

"What's her name?" Edward asked, as he lined up his cue stick and sunk three striped balls.

"Isabella Swan, sir."

Edward ran the name over in his head. Swan? Swan, Swan...oh. He knew who she was. Her father, Charlie, owed him a shit load of money. He had opened up some cheesy food restaurant that tanked, and sunk Edward’s fathers' money with it. Edward had only been in the restaurant once. Charlie ran the place with his wife and daughter. The daughter had been a waitress at the horrible restaurant. Cute, shy thing, but he wasn't really paying attention. Maybe she had his money. Or maybe she just came to beg for him to stop sending his sharks down to their apartment, threatening to break her father's legs.

"Tell her I'm busy," he stated, as he leaned up against the table, waiting for Jasper to make a shot.

"Yes sir," Newton replied, as he exited.

It only took less than ten minutes for Edward to beat Jasper again. Jasper stood there scratching his head over the fact that Edward had managed to whip him in three straight games. He never could beat him, but one day...he'd figure out a way. Emmett sat over in the corner laughing at him.

"Fuck you, you four-eyed bastard," Jasper yelled. "I mean, they have contacts nowadays, why the fuck are you still wearing those goggles?"

Emmett never got rattled. But he also didn't really have a personality. As a true accountant, he cared about numbers and that was about it. They had even brought over a hot girl once to show Emmett a good time, but she left the bedroom only about fifteen minutes after going in, with a confused look on her face. When Jasper asked her what had happened, she said they never had sex. Instead, he started talking to her about the importance of numbers and how they keep the universe in order. She told Edward she didn't come here to get a math lesson. So Edward took her to his room instead...and gave her the lesson she had come looking for. And more.

Edward laughed and hung up his cue stick. "So Emmett, this month, are we good?"

"Yes sir, we're really good. Here are the figures," he smiled, while pulling them out of his briefcase. Edward nodded a few times while he examined the documents.

Newton entered again. This time his face was flushed and he seemed irritated. He stood there waiting for his boss to acknowledge him.

"What?" Edward asked, when he finally looked up from the papers in his hand.

"Sir, she won't leave. She said if she doesn't get to talk to you, she'll start making a scene in front of the customers."

Edward’s eyebrows shot up. Who the fuck did this little girl think she was? He'd have to teach her a little lesson in respect.

"Okay, show her to my office," he said, as he flicked a lighter and started burning the documents.